Embraced by Jesus Colombian Children's Home - Pereira, Colombia, South America

Saturday, March 16, 2013

  A Blessed Trip 
My three weeks stay at the children’s home in Colombia was a blessed experience. I thank my heavenly Father for a place like that to provide for so many children. Even though they are not able to reach around to all the needs there, I admire Jaime and Rubiela to heed to God’s call and making the best of it to care for and raise children that so desperately need homes, persevering by faith, and trusting God for provisions. I felt blessed to be part of their answered prayers to get a new roof and ceiling on the kitchen and dormitory building.

My friend Rueben Yoder and I arrived in Pereira the fifth of February. We joined about twenty others from 8 different states over the course of three weeks. We were able to finish three projects and more that included a stairway from the dining area and dormitories to the laundry room and a wall along the sidewalks to the girl’s dormitory. We also had a wonderful time of fellowship. I was privileged to meet some of the people who were involved with the children’s home for quite a number of years.

It was especially a delight to spend time with the children, playing, working, and talking with them the best I could with my limited Spanish. They really liked to help one way or another and they were sometimes quite good at it. They need older godly people they can interact with in the play and work area to help shape them to be stable and godly adults.

I was also blessed to worship with them in the worship services they have of singing and preaching, Saturday evenings for the youth and Sunday mornings for everyone at the children’s home and for whoever wants to come.

It is always a highlight for the children when people come to serve and hard to part ways.

I would be glad to serve there sometime again. 

project closing in
a willing helper
preparing chickens for the market
a fun ride home from school
behind the fundacion
in the coffee region
Reuben with two little friends

a delicious meal
me with some fine young men
ready for stucco

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