Embraced by Jesus Colombian Children's Home - Pereira, Colombia, South America

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Rich Experience In Colombia

Three of my friends and I who hail from Ohio had the privilege of serving at the Embraced by Jesus Children’s Home from February 13th-22nd to help with a remodeling project. We arrived just as the new roof and trusses on the kitchen building were being completed. Our work entailed block laying, mixing mortar by hand with shovels, and installing new tile on interior walls. Youth from Montana and Michigan completed our crew of hard working, fun loving, yet serious minded volunteers. The work was hard but very rewarding. We four from Ohio - James, Joe, Steve and I (Jared) praise God for this amazing time in Pereira,
More importantly then work were the dear children. With approximately 60 of them ranging from young babies to early twenties and all desiring love, attentions and relationships there was never a dull moment. They had in a very short time captured my heart. When a young boy with no mommy or daddy of his own climbs into my lap, wraps his arms around my neck and affectionately says, “amigo” he takes a little piece of my heart. Things like this were really the highlight of our stay for me. Even with a language barrier we were still able to develop friendships with many of the children that will hopefully draw us back to serve them many more times.
The Children’s Home is located in a beautiful, mountainous area that is part of the “coffee region.” The landscape consists of lush green hills covered with banana tree, coffee bushes and bamboo groves. All this plus being surrounded by distant mountains that tower into the clouds make the scenery awesome!

New roof being completed

Concrete being mixed by hand. This is hard work!

Steve laying block for a new retaining wall

A picture of me with most of the youngest children

Playing Volleyball

 Joe sharing love with some of the little girls

Not all memories were made at the Children’s Home.
Some great ones are from a day spent with the oldest
children at a coffee/amusement park. Here we are just
beginning a roller coaster ride.   

Some of the buildings at the home

 Coffee bushes and banana trees beside the Home’s driveway 

Bamboo grove

Jaime & Rubiela are the parents of the Children’s Home.
This amazing couple faithfully serve God and unselfishly
provide a loving home for the dear children.

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