Embraced by Jesus Colombian Children's Home - Pereira, Colombia, South America

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Individual Photos


      Camilo             Carolina                 Cesar 

      Cristian                 Dana                   Daniela         

  Daniela Julieth           Darci                 Duban 

               Dylan                 Fey                        Inri  

   Jean Paul                Jesica                     Jimy  

         Juan Felipe                Jairo                     Josue


          Laura            Lendy Susana     Lendy Tatiana

      Lendy Yojana             Lina                   Luiz     
Maria Suli              Luz                   Maria 

    Mateo             Mefibosheth       Migual Angel

         Minguel                Monica                 Nasly 

           Nicole                          Oscar                  Rosa

        Ruben                 Ruth           Ruth Gevara

         Sandra                 Sandy           Sara Ruth

         Sofia              Victor Hugo    Victor Manuel        

          Weimar           Yeilson           Yeison              


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What's a Rock-a-thon?

These Girls from Meigs Mennonite School had a "Rock-a-thon" slumber party to raise money for food at the Colombian Children's Home.  They each brought a rocking chair to Megan's house and rocked from 7:00 PM til 7:00 AM with quick allowances for bathroom break only. 
Before the event they had gotten "sponsors" for hourly contribution.  We really didn't think they could rock all night!  So it was sort of a dare. 
But by 7:15 the next morning they were all declared winners.  Amazing!!!  And a lot of people are now paying up to the tune of  2 months worth of food!!!!!    That outdid our greatest imagination.
What a huge blessing for the Home. 
Thank you Girls,
your enthusiasm is invigorating.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Awakened to a life changing vision:

    About 6 months ago an employee Katheryn May, introduced me to a Christian Mission Children's Home in Pereira Colombia, South America, that they have been involved with for close to 10 years.  At first I really just listened to their stories as I am not a person to get involved very quickly and can live in my own world quite happily.
     My own world involves running a bakery 4 day a week, 9 hours a day and spending part of 2 other days prepping for opening day, so I really don't have free time.  I have about 12 part-time employees. I enjoy the people I meet and the products we make.  My website is breadwagon.com if you care to take a peek.
   About a month before Christmas I started thinking how fun it would be to put together Christmas gift packs for the 60+ children at this children's home.  Many other people got involved and we were able to send 200# of gifts and supplies down with Katheryn May's family when they flew down for a work week.
   Since then we have raised enough money to put down a well (yet to be completed) and every month we send money to a grocery store for a food shipment.  So many people have gotten involved and there is a strong interest among our youth to support these children that were born in very unfortunate circumstances.
Children from the streets of Pereira, Colombia
Most of them born to unwed mothers unable to care for them.
A loving, safe new family at Embraced by Jesus.