Embraced by Jesus Colombian Children's Home - Pereira, Colombia, South America

Saturday, January 30, 2016

A new Year- New Challenges

                    Colombian Children’s Home
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Teen Girls
 Amos Schwartz, the father of James who is acting director in Colombia at the Children’s Home recently sent out a news letter. Amos shares how they got involved with the home about 10 years ago and their continued involvement.  They have established a board of directors to oversee and coordinate volunteers who want to go down from the Mennonite churches. They are also very involved in the chicken farm project at the home.  Income from the farm is providing some income for operating expenses.
At this time we are covering their weekly food cost of $300 a week.  We also send down some money for utilities from people who regularly donate for this.  A big THANK YOU to each of you.  Your care of the children is felt in real “shoe leather” down there, providing a secure environment.
We are so very grateful to our youth who have volunteered and spent 6 months and some much longer serving at the home.  These children come with huge hurts of loss and rejection and each one needs the comfort and love of God shown in a real person.  You have made a difference for eternity. 
The directors of the home have faced one of their most challenging years.  Jaime has been hospitalized several times with life threatening infections stemming from his long term battle with cancer.  He has also been facing some long term legal challenges that have been draining emotionally. So please remember him in your prayers.  He has been replaced by James Schwartz in most daily duties but is yet so needed as a constant consultant.  Reubella continues dividing her time between the home and caring for Jaime. Her son Cesar and his wife Jenny oversee child care.  

Thanks again for caring and sharing!                                                                                                                  Anna Marie Nissley